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How To Get a Girl’s Phone Number

Monday, July 26th, 2010

The hardest part of dating is usually just introducing yourself to the lucky candidate.  It can be scary and a bit overwhelming, especially if the girl you are trying to date is really pretty.  Too many times we see a really cute girl at the grocery store or cafe and have a strong desire to ask her out.  We then talk ourselves out of it because we think to ourselves that there is no way that this girl doesn’t have a boyfriend and that she must already be dating someone.  We let the opportunity pass us by and then we hate ourselves inside for being such big wusses.  The truth of the matter is that you only live once and you really have nothing to lose by approaching girls.  Granted, you may crash and burn a few times when you start being courageous but eventually you will be able to overcome it and become a flirting professional.

If you think a girl is too pretty to not have a boyfriend, then chances are that a lot of other guys have had the same feelings and are wussing out too.  Many times the extremely cute girls don’t ever asked out because people just assume that they are already dating.  If you can take some initiative, it may be the best decision you have ever made in your life.  Here are few things you need to have in order to approach a cute girl and get her number.

1. Confidence-  Girls love a guy with confidence.  Whether or not you have any idea of what you are doing when you approach the girl, just act like you do.  Girls love a man who knows what he wants and takes a step out to get it.

2. Charm- You don’t have to be a slimy snake to impress someone, but it is refreshing to have a guy throw in some charming or witty comments to catch the girl off guard.

3. Don’t beat around the bush- talk for a little while, but remember you will have time to get to know the girl once you have secured a date with her.

How to Pick the Best Online Dating Sites

Monday, July 26th, 2010

If you are in the dating scene and are looking to find a potential mate, then chances are you are not just messing around anymore.  While there will always be those people who enjoy flirting and kissing new people, it usually gets old and they long for someone that they can share a lasting relationship anymore.  Many times, when people become serious about dating they turn to the internet to be able to find people that they are compatible with.  One of the great reasons why you should try online dating is that instead of just picking people to date solely on their looks, you can pick people who have similar standards, morals, values, and hobbies as you do.  This will increase the chances that the cute girl you pick to ask out will be someone that you will want to continue dating in the future.

Once you have made the decision to take your dating avenues to the internet, it is important to start considering all of the options that are now available to you.  Dating sites are mainly comprised of two different kinds: paid vs. free sites.  While free sites may have more members, it doesn’t always mean that they are better.  You are destined to get some jokers on those free sites who aren’t really serious about finding a mate and are just trying to mess with people.  Paid sites usually have less members but you probably have a better chance of finding legitimate people who have the same interests that you do.  Either way, you will want to do some research on the sites that you are checking out to make sure that they offer everything that you are looking for.

Once you have found a good site, see what other features they offer.  See how easy it is to browse profiles and also look and see if they have any automatic matching functions.

Some Dating Tips To Ensure a Second Date

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Have you ever been in a scenario where you went on a date with somebody, like them, but were never able to get a second date?  This can be extremely annoying if you are a picky dater, because finding someone you like may not happen very often.   In order to make sure that this doesn’t happen there are a few tips and guidelines that you can follow to make sure you get another shot with them.  This article will help you to realize that you do, in fact, have complete control over getting a second date.

Everything you do during the first date should be geared towards going on another date.  While you don’t want to scare off the girl you are asking out by making too many comments about what you are going to do in the future the occasional hint will be able to plant the idea in the mind.  When you find something that you have in common you can test out the situation by saying “We should totally go do that sometime!”.  If the response you get is genuine then you can tell that she is probably into and wouldn’t mind going on a second date.

Throughout the date, treat your guest with respect.  Open up car doors and building doors, and let her order her food first.  Also, make sure to refrain from using any filthy language or by being critical of comments that she makes.  Last of all, no matter how well the date went, don’t kiss her. If you can not kiss your date for at least a couple dates it will really keep her intrigued and can only increase your chances of going out with her again and really making a relationship out of it.

As you follow these simple dating tips you can make sure that you get a second date and improve your chances of landing that catch of a lifetime.

Some New Tips to Increase Your Online Dating Success!

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

The virtual dating world is always changing, so it is important to make sure that you stay on top of things.  Experts are always coming out with new online dating news and tips that can help you to make your online dating ventures more successful.  In order to be a savvy online dater, you should make sure to try a bunch of different techniques and ideas in order to find something that fits your personality and helps you to match up with people that you are compatible with.  Here are a few good ideas on how you can increase your overall success when attempting to date people that you meet online.

First of all, you need to remember that falling in love does not mean that your soul mate will just appear out of some fog.  Most long lasting relationships are built on friendship, trust, and respect.  Once you realize this, you can have a more realistic view on what you are looking for.  The next thing you will want to do is to make a good online profile.  A good way to do this is to have a friend or two help you out.  Have them help you pick a photo of yourself that is flattering and natural.  Also, ask them to give you a list of positive traits about yourself so you don’t have to make stuff up.  Be optimistic and energetic when you write your profile so that potential mates know that you enjoy life and everything it has to offer.

Next, you will want to respond by email to a few potentials and then move it to the chat room.  Talking to potential candidates in the chat room will help to give you a basic understanding of their personality and how they respond to conversation.  While you shouldn’t base your relationship solely around this, it is a good way to test them out.

After the chat room you will want to make sure that you are open and that you communicate with them.  Try to not give out too much personal information right at first, but make sure you are honest with them.

Make sure that you set some realistic goals that you can achieve.  Have a positive attitude and make sure that you are looking for a real person and not just some fantasy.  Make sure that you don’t become too obsessed with your online dating career so that you can still have a life with hobbies, career, and other interests.

How to Create a Superb Online Dating Profile

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

No matter what dating site you decide to go with in order to find your perfect match, you are going to need an online dating profile.  Although some people may just rush through this really quick to be able to start looking for potential candidates,  you should never rush this process.  Building a good online dating profile is probably the most important part of the entire online dating technique.  This is where you essentially get to sell yourself to potential mates.  Your profile will determine whether people will stick around for a bit and try to get to know you or not even talk to you.  Here are some good tips on how to create a really good online dating profile.

If you are a man and you are looking for female companionship, then there are a few of the profile boxes that you should be aware of.  One thing that women like to feel is a sense of security.  They want to be able to find a good man who can take care of them both physically and financially.  This does not mean that you have to be a 7 foot tall body builder who makes millions of dollars every year, but it does mean that you should pay attention to these fields.  Women often look at the height and the income fields.  While you should not put bogus numbers in these fields you may want to consider adding just a couple of inches to your height (if you are in the 5 foot range) and then wear some taller shoes when you first go out with a girl.  This may seem like a very shallow way to get some attention, but first impressions are huge and it will likely be to your advantage.  Also, when it comes to income, either get yourself a good job that you are proud of or add a zero or two to the end of the box just so women feel comfortable that you can provide.  These are more just tactics to be able to help women to stay a minute and check out your profile without immediately throwing you out.  Once you actually get to know someone it will be a funny inside joke that you two can have together.

Another good thing to remember is to have an upbeat and exciting tone in your profile.  No one wants to date a boring person and if that is how you sell yourself, you’ll never get any dates.  You need to avoid being too overzealous, however, as that is also a turn off.  Help potential mates to see that you are a fun person who is optimistic.