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Online Dating Cost

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

The Good and Bad of Online Dating: Cost

Money, it seems, is on the minds of everyone these days. With the recessionary times that have hit the world economy, one can hardly blame people for having this reaction. During times of recession, one of the first things that people do is to cut back on their consumption in the hopes of reducing the amount of money they spend so that they can save more money in the event that they lose their jobs. Even people with secure jobs can find their lives turned upside down and that is why they do this as well on average. What this does have to do with online dating?  Read on to find out!


The cost of online dating is cheaper than the cost of conventional dating. Almost every single person that has taken a look at all of the costs dealing with both online and conventional dating has reached that same conclusion. Even if you include indirect or hidden costs of online dating such as the cost of a monthly internet connection (something that is arguable at best), online dating still comes in as comfortably cheaper than its conventional counterpart. For this reason, the current recession has been great for online dating as many of the biggest sites in the business have reported an increase in customers ever since the recession became public knowledge. For someone that is single and still looking but is also interested in cutting back on their expenses, online dating can easily seem like a great way to do that and it most certainly is. That having been said, there are some downsides to consider.

Perhaps the most obvious one has to do with selection. When you are dating conventionally, you are certainly paying more money to do so but at the same time you are getting a much higher quality first look. You can go up to a person, talk to them, dance with them and generally get some direct sense of the kind of person that they are. In the online world, this person is hidden behind a wall of anonymity. All that you know about them comes from their profile and the pictures and textual information contained within the profile could easily be exaggerated or misleading. In the real world you have a way to gauge a person aside from the information they give you. In the online dating world, you have to wait until you get to the real world before you can do that.

 All is not lost however, as this type of information is not necessarily inferior, but rather just different from what most people are used to. People that pay for their accounts will usually give accurate information in the hopes of getting as good a match as possible. This idea is universal to free accounts as well. All you have to do is get to know the person a bit better through different forms of communication and you can still take full advantage of the vastly cheaper world of online dating during these recessionary times.

Spark Interest With the Way you Dress

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Your first impression with a person of the opposite sex will tell a lot about how your future relationships with them will be.  If you have a bad first impression of somebody, you probably won’t go out with them or even try to pursue anything.  If you have a great first impression, you may be really into them and more interested than you might normally have been.  While relationships hopefully go beyond the shallowness of looks and dress, it can’t hurt to try and better your chances by looking great the first time you go out with someone.

When you go to meet your date and pick them up, you should be looking good.  This doesn’t mean that you always have to wear a button up shirt and jeans, but you need to be wearing clothes that accent your good features.  Also, you will want to make sure that your dress also matches the event you are doing.  If you are going to a concert or some kind of performance then you will want to be a little more dressed up.  Try wearing a blazer and no tie, or something else classy like that.  You could also do a nice button up shirt, but make sure the shirt is fitted.  You don’t want to look like you are wearing a cloud around your upper body.  If you are doing something a little more fun and adventurous then maybe go for jeans, a nice t-shirt (and please don’t wear those Affliction t-shirts; they are just screaming “tool”) that shows off your biceps.  If you feel a little bit more casual because of how you are dressed, it could help the entire night to be a little more comfortable.

Next, make sure you have some killer kicks on, no matter what the occasion.  Girls love a guy that has good taste in shoes.  Wear something that adds to your wardrobe but isn’t too flashy.  Just remember not to wear an old worn out pair of shoes or they will certainly be noticed, but in the wrong way.

Email Tactics That Work

Friday, August 27th, 2010

So you’ve swallowed your pride and gone and signed up for an online dating service.  Surprisingly enough, you have found multiple cute girls online that you would date and marry in a heartbeat if you could.  The first real contact you are going to make with these women is through an email.  Some men just have a standard email they send out to every girl that they meet online, but this is a bad move.  Girls see right through the cookie cutter emails as quickly as you sort through normal spam in your inbox.  You need to personalize these emails in a way that will speak to her so that you can get her to respond and progress the budding relationship.

The first thing you will want to do is make sure that you take things from her profile that show that you have read it and are sincerely interested.  If she said she likes pickles then make some reference to it in your email.  She will appreciate these little details and it might even make her giggle.  Girls like to feel like they are cared about, and even though you have never met you can show your personality in the way that you refer to her profile in your initial email.

The next thing you will want to remember when writing your email is to make sure that you don’t try too hard.  Every guy wants to be witty and playful, but if you try to hard you will just look desperate.  Have the confidence to make a couple little funny comments but ultimately get to the point.  Let her know you think she’s attractive and would love to meet up sometime.  Let her see that you are comfortable approaching new people and giving new relationships a try.  Don’t express your undying love for her either or you will completely freak her out and guarantee that you won’t get a response.

Pick-Up Lines 101

Friday, August 27th, 2010

First rule of pick up lines: don’t ever use them.  They are tactless, stupid, and never a turn on.  They can be used with friends or with girls you never want to date in order to get a laugh, but you will never impress a girl with a pick up line I promise you that.  Pick up lines these days are much more subtle and if you are good enough then they won’t even be recognized as pickup lines until after the contact has been made and digits have been handed over.  Pick up lines can just be used as a term for “the first thing you say to a gorgeous woman you have never met before”.  In the 21st century there are few tips that you can take into consideration to help you get that first date secured.

First of all, approach her with something other than the obvious.  Girls love it when a guy can be playful and not take himself too seriously.  If you immediately approach a girl and ask her what classes she has, who is in her family, and what her hobbies and interests are, you are going to walk away empty handed.  I mean, how boring is that?  No creativity in the approach means no creativity in the relationship.  First impressions are usually really big with people so you will need to think quickly and have something witty to say that will catch her off guard.  Try going up to a girl in the library and asking her where they keep the animals.

Another good tip is to just make sure you confidently approach someone.  The longer you stand around nervously looking at the girl you want to approach, the more you are leaning towards creepy.  If you see a cute girl then just go all out and approach her right off the bat.  The more time you waste sulking around, the less confident you will seem.  Also, even if she is gorgeous, pretend like it is no big deal that you two are talking.  Act interested but not overly interested and it will keep her wanting more.

The After Date Text

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

In our culture today, there are a few things that have become a standard as technology has been enhanced.  One of these things it the “after date text”.  If you are  bit older you may never heard of it, but if you are a bit younger than you most definitely heard of it and you know how important it is.  The idea is simple.  In today’s world, people text each other.  A lot.  While this has kind of ruined normal communication between human beings, it can also be a way to express your feelings without feeling sheepish or confrontational.  The way it applies to dating is that when you have a really good date with a person, you can send an after date text to let them know that you really did have a good time and that you would like to do it again. This is the ultimate in clues after a date for a guy to know he did alright.

The etiquette of the after date text goes like this.  The girl is supposed to send it.  This is a way for a girl to show her appreciation for the date that just happened.  More than likely the guy asked her out, planned a date, payed for it, and the least that the girl can do is just thank him after the date.  When you send the after date text it means that you had a really good time and that you would like to do it again.  If the date was horrible then by all means don’t bother sending it.  But if the date was good then please send it!  Guys are always a bit concerned after dates if it went well and if the girl had fun.  This is a way you can put his fears to rest and let him know it was a great time.

Guys, don’t send the after date text.  Even if you had a ton of fun and really wan to talk to her, refrain from sending it or you will look desperate.  Just wait til late the next day to say anything so you keep your cool.