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Trying Online Dating for The First Time

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010
Trying Online Dating

If you have never tried dating sites online before, you may be nervous to begin.  You may feel that dating is frustrating and difficult at best, and are unsure about how to begin using technology to help you out in that area.  You may have experienced a relationship where you invested a lot of time only to find that you really weren’t interested in the same things.  Just trying to find available singles by frequenting clubs or bars can be expensive, and may even be unsafe.  If this describes a little about how you feel, you should try online dating sites.
Online dating services help people pre-screen others before actually beginning to date them.  You can find out what their interests are, where they are located and what they look like without ever leaving home.  Each member creates his or her own personal profile, which remains private unless they decide to share it with others.  Only the compatibility part of the profile is public, and this is to help members weed out those who do not match them well to begin with.
Another benefit of services that offer online dating is the fact that you can access them whenever and wherever you are.  For instance, if you work nights, you can get online during the day and look for singles who look interesting to you.  You can send a message at your convenience and then go to bed.  When you get up at night before going to work, you can check your messages to see if anyone has responded.

Benefits from online dating services abound.  By being able to find people who match your relationship preferences, age group, interests, or even occupation, you can do the hard part of dating online in a easy way.  Once you find some singles who match your needs and seem interested in you, the fun part of dating can begin.

Some Tips To Stay Classy

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Dating is so overrun with theme dates, texting, and games that the word “class” barely has any room to fit in the conversation anymore.  As much as girls do enjoy having fun and going on unique dates, they also appreciate a little class in dating.  Here are some tips that you can use to make sure that you stay classy in your dating adventures.

1. Be on time.  While most parties and events expect people to be “fashionably late” your date does not.  Be there when you say you are going to be.  In fact, show up just a few minutes early to show that you have been looking forward to this date all day and couldn’t wait to get there.

2. Let her order whatever she wants. Dinner time can be one of the tackiest dating events ever.  There are countless stories of guys that forget their wallets or have their credit card declined and have to ask their date to pay.  Or maybe the guy puts a limit on what they both can get because he’s under a budget.  Show some class and don’t gripe about the high prices of entrees or how you can’t afford dessert.  Women don’t expect you to break the bank for them, but they also want to know that they are worth spending a little money on.  If you don’t have a lot of money then go somewhere cheaper where you won’t have to grimace when she orders the most expensive thing on the menu.

3. Show some ownership.  This is a bit more difficult to explain, but the jist of it is to make sure you stake your claim.  If someone else starts flirting with your date at the entrance to the restaurant, go over put your arm around her and say “Honey, the table is ready!”  Even something as simple as this shows her that you want her all to yourself.

Holiday Dating Don’ts

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Christmas comes only once a year so it is important to make the most of it.  There are a lot of people who shove down the fudge brownies, eat a thousand candy canes, and go caroling every night until their voices are hoarse just to make the most of it.  While some of these types of things are ok to indulge in, the one thing you don’t want to overdo is your Christmas dating.  Now I’m not saying not to go out on dates, I’m saying to plan your dates accordingly.  Trying to pack in too many Christmas things into one night will leave your date a bit exhausted and overhauled.  Not only that, Christmas is a romantic time of year.  Too many people try to overdo the romantic side of things and end up making their date want to throw up the figgy pudding you both just ate.  With a bit of help and a few important tips, you can avoid these holiday dating don’ts.

1. Don’t plan anything too romantic on a first date.  While it may be enticing to want to take your date for a sleigh ride, cuddle by the fire and drink hot cocoa, and put mistletoe all over your apartment in case she eve makes it inside, if you do too much you are going to turn her off.  Women like to be flirted with but they don’t like to drown in romance.  Try planning a date that has a few potentially romantic elements that could lead to something.  For instance, take your date downtown to the local light display.  If she’s interested, you  might hold her hand and tell her you are just keeping it warm.  This could lead to a romantic walk around the park where you get to know each other better.  The main thing is to just not force anything that isn’t there.

Holiday Dating Ideas

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

So it’s finally December and you are looking for some unique date ideas to impress your date and invoke the romance that inherently comes with the Christmas season.  Well, there are a few ways you can go with this.  You can either go for the homerun and plan an all-inclusive romantic Christmas date, do something fun and light that has Christmas overtones, or you can opt for the sentimental vote and do a Christmas service date.  Obviously the choice you go with is going to depend on who you are taking out, but all three are viable options to win the heart of any girl.

1. The romantic Christmas date.  If you’ve got loads of charm and can turn cheesiness into romance in a heartbeat, then this is the date for you.  You might either try taking your date to a fancy restaurant, or cooking a homemade meal at your apartment and decking the house out in candles, holly, mistletoe and romantic Christmas music.  Follow the meal up with a sleigh ride around town and then take her back to your place for a movie or some hot cocoa and snuggling by the fire.  If your date is into romantic Christmas dates then this is a winner.  Just don’t forget to leave the mistletoe somewhere where it can actually be used.

2. The playful Christmas date.  This is where you get to do everything fun that you’ve ever seen on a Christmas movie.  Go build a snowman, go sledding, go ice skating, stack deer in people’s yards, build ginger-bread houses, pick out and decorate a Christmas tree.  Anything that is fun and related to Christmas falls into this category.

3. The last idea is that of a service date.  Get a group together and go caroling at a local nursing home.  Or you might hold a coat drive and go around town asking neighbors to donate their old coats to give to the homeless.  This type of date will let your date see your sentimental, good-guy side and it may be the best thing you ever did.