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Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Online dating can be an exciting new adventure for anyone that is just barely being introduced to it.  There seem to be endless options of dating sites that you can use on the web.  You can find free sites, paid sites, and everything in between.    The most important factor in all of this is making sure that you find a site that works well for you. You may need to check out a few different dating sites before you realize the kinds of things that you need and want, but it can be well worth the effort.  Finding love online is not a far-fetched dream.  Using the tools and tips from professionals and users alike will help you in your search to find a partner.

One of the biggest resources you have are those sites that are already doing well.  One of the biggest online dating sites today is that of  This site has been integrated with the popular search engine yahoo, and that means that you can’t go wrong with it.  One of the great things about this site is that it appeals to everyone.  You can look up matches based on whether you are looking for a male or female partner, and also even specify ages that you are looking for.  You can also enter a zip code of where you live if you want to find local singles who are nearby.  The site is very simple to navigate and use.  You will love how you can either click on the home page, the match page, the chemistry page, or the dating tips and advice section.  Even if you don’t want to use the dating site to meet someone, you can still just use it as a reference to get some really good dating tips that ought to help you out on your next big date.

Dating Advice For Online Daters

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Online Dating is the first step

If you have signed up for a local online dating site then chances are you have found a brand new world that has a lot of opportunities.  In this new virtual world of dating you can peruse through hundred of different profiles and find the people that seem interesting to you.  You can check pictures of your potential mates and see if they are cute before you even meet them.  This can save you a lot of frustration and also improve your chances of actually liking the person that you are going out with.

Once you have made the initial steps to find some people and make contact with them through either instant messaging or email, it is then time to take the relationship to the next level.  The only problem is that when you spend so much time communicating with people through online mediums you sometimes forget some of the traditional rules of successful dating.  One of those things is calling a girl to ask her out.  While it might be the easy route to just ask her out over email and then try and meet up with her somewhere it is a bit tacky.  The proper dating etiquette would be to ask her over email if she would be interested in getting a cup of coffee or go to lunch sometime.  If she says yes then ask her for her phone number so that you can go over the details.  Then you can call her, talk to her in person and explain what you would like to do. This initial conversation will also be a good test to see if you have any chemistry.  If the entire phone call is awkward then you can be prepared to make it a short date in case the rest of the date goes bad.  If there is a lot of chemistry you might plan out some other conclusions to your little date.

Creating a Charming Email

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Women love a man who can be confident and charming at the same time.  But what does it mean to be charming?  It means to be innocently sweet, with a flash of confidence and mystery.  Women are intrigued by this and naturally want to find out more about the nice guy that obviously knows whats going on.  Doing this in person is one thing, because you can use facial expressions, smiles, winks, and hand movements to convey a certain type of demeanor.  But what about creating charm through an email?  How is it done?  What are some of the steps?  Read on to find out.

The first thing you can do to create a charming email is to share an inside joke between the two of you.  This only works, of course, if you have already met once before.  An inside joke doesn’t have to be anything big, it can be as simple as her telling you she likes raspberries and you mentioning that in your email.  One really good way to catch the attention of the person you are writing to is to put your inside joke right in the subject title.  This way she already is impressed and excited to read the rest of the email.

Another good tip to use is to focus on her interests in the email.  If she loves to read, then make some literary allusions or if she loves tennis, then get on Google and find something about a tennis superstar that you enjoy.  There is no shame in brushing up on pertinent information when you are trying to make a good impression.

One last tip is to make sure to make yourself look good, but in a way that other people could live with.   Self-depreciating humor is always a good way to accept that you are good at something but not to brag about it.  She will appreciate any step you make to look more real and approachable.

Getting the Email Right the First Time

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Charming Emails

When you are getting into online dating, you will realize how important your first email is going to be.  This can apply to other walks of life as well.  You may meet someone in person and ask for their phone number but they give you their email address instead.  Maybe they are extremely busy, a businesswoman, and they prefer to get back to you on their own time.  Whatever the reason for sending a dating email, the first email that you send out is always the most important.  It is a chance for you to showcase some of your charm and personality without the added pressure of having someone sitting right in front of you.  You can express some wit, and also show some flashes of brilliance (these are few and far between, believe me).

A great email needs to consist of a few different things.  It needs to be enticing, it needs to be about the person you are writing to, and it also needs to be a place where you showcase some of your qualities but don’t go overboard with it.  These are some great components that you can use to spice up the email and get the other person to respond back.  First of all, we will talk about the enticing factors of an email.  You need to have a great subject line.  She needs to say “wow” in her head when she reads it.  If you just say something like “Hi”, she may not even read the email. If the person you met online, or in person, has any unique things about them (i.e. what they like to do, books they love, movies they like, or any hobbies) then make some reference to that in the subject line. Show that you were listening and that you care about what she likes.

Next, you will wan to talk about her.  Ask her about some of the things that she has already expressed interest in and then ask her to do something.  Grab a cup of coffee, meet for lunch at a cafe, anything simple that doesn’t require her to give up her entire weekend for a stranger she doesn’t know.  Once you get the response back with the OK, then you are golden!

Email Tactics That Work

Friday, August 27th, 2010

So you’ve swallowed your pride and gone and signed up for an online dating service.  Surprisingly enough, you have found multiple cute girls online that you would date and marry in a heartbeat if you could.  The first real contact you are going to make with these women is through an email.  Some men just have a standard email they send out to every girl that they meet online, but this is a bad move.  Girls see right through the cookie cutter emails as quickly as you sort through normal spam in your inbox.  You need to personalize these emails in a way that will speak to her so that you can get her to respond and progress the budding relationship.

The first thing you will want to do is make sure that you take things from her profile that show that you have read it and are sincerely interested.  If she said she likes pickles then make some reference to it in your email.  She will appreciate these little details and it might even make her giggle.  Girls like to feel like they are cared about, and even though you have never met you can show your personality in the way that you refer to her profile in your initial email.

The next thing you will want to remember when writing your email is to make sure that you don’t try too hard.  Every guy wants to be witty and playful, but if you try to hard you will just look desperate.  Have the confidence to make a couple little funny comments but ultimately get to the point.  Let her know you think she’s attractive and would love to meet up sometime.  Let her see that you are comfortable approaching new people and giving new relationships a try.  Don’t express your undying love for her either or you will completely freak her out and guarantee that you won’t get a response.