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Having An Optimistic Attitude

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Dating can be one of the best times in our lives.  It gives you an opportunity to meet all kinds of new people and to really search out and find someone you are compatible with.  Dating is all about your attitude.  If you are pouty and think you will never find that person that will make you happy, then you are probably right.  But if you go into it kind of like a detective on a manhunt, you can make it into a fun endeavor.   Every person that didn’t work out leads you closer to the person who finally will.  If you can get over that initial attitude problem then you really have come a long way.

The first thing to do when you are trying to have a good attitude is to remember that there IS somebody out there that will make you happy.  You have to at least believe this a little bit or you would never date in the first place.  Remember that there are millions upon millions of people in this world and one of them is sure to be compatible with you.  If you tag yourself as a lost cause then you really be a lost cause because you will have stopped trying.  You just need to learn to never give up and to have faith that you can find somebody.

Next, your reap what you sow.  Lots of people just wait around at home and wonder why they aren’t dating anybody and pity themselves all the time.  The truth is, if you don’t get yourself out there meeting people then you probably never will date anybody.  You need to be proactive and not be afraid to get shut down.  This way you will never have any regrets with dating and you will know you tried your very best.  The way you can know you tried your best is you will be actively dating and meeting new people.

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Sunday, July 11th, 2010

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