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Having Fun in The Snow!

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Why does it always seem like everyone dates more in the summer?  It is only because people are usually not creative enough to think of things to do in the winter!  The truth of the matter is that the winter time can be one of the most romantic and magical seasons of the year.  If you can be creative and think of some fun things to go do then you can really impress your date and enjoy yourself while you are at it. Here are some dating ideas that can be used to help spice up your love life during those cold winter months.

One of the best winter dates to try is that of being a kid again.  This can entail many different things but I’m talking about when you were a kid and you got snowed into the house and your imagination started to run wild.  You would build a blanket fort, grab a flashlight, and eat some popcorn while playing your favorite games.  Well, what is stopping you from doing that now?  If your date is the fun and adventurous type then why not grab some sheets, create a tent, pull in a tv and watch your favorite cartoons or movies from when you were a kid.  Or you could grab your old Yahtzee! game or maybe some hungry hungry hippos to keep yourselves entertained.

Last of all, you might try utilizing the cold weather for your own benefit.  Grab some snowshoes and go for a hike to look at the beautiful ice and snow formations.  Or maybe you grab a couple sleds and hit the nearest hill in  your neighborhood.  You could also build a snowman, create some snow angels, or even make a snow cave that you can cuddle in!  The best part of these types of dates are when you go back inside to sip on some hot chocolate and warm yourselves up by the fire.

Some Dating Ideas for Cold Weather

Friday, January 28th, 2011

So the air is getting colder but you are still itching to go out and spend time with your significant other.  You wish you could go for a hike, play some tennis, or just hit the pool, but the weather is just not permitting it.  Well never fear, because there is actually a lot of fun things that you can do in the winter time that are both fun and romantic.  Here are some great date ideas you can use the next time you ask a special someone out on a date.

The first idea I’m going to throw out may seem like a joke because it seems like it is so common.  It involves taking a weighted ball and heaving it down a lane towards some standing pins.  If you can knock all of them over you get a weird sort of self satisfaction and you subconsciously raise your bowling average by about 10 or 20 pins per game.  Many people will scoff at this idea, but they are the same people that are sitting inside watching old reruns of “Friends” instead of out having some fun.  Because bowling has gotten such a bad rap as a common dating  idea, many people are trying all kinds of weird dates that just aren’t working.  Why change what has been effective for decades?  A night at the bowling alley is a great way to have some fun and get to know each other at the same time.

Another great idea that you should try is to just go outside.  This means that you both will have to brave the cold and bundle up.  But once you do and the adrenaline starts pumping you will realize how much fun you can have out there.  Whether it is making a snowman or going from house to house to find the largest icicles, you can be creative and have a lot of fun.

Dating Tips For Cold Days

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

So it’s getting colder outside… so you should just stay home all day and watch sports and wait to date until springtime.  Ok, not really. This is the quickest way to destroy what little of a social life that you currently have and make it so that you have to start from scratch all over again.  Instead of sitting on your butt all day you need to take advantage of the cold weather and go out and do some fun dates!  There are actually quite a few fun winter ideas that you can utilize in order to help you find something exciting to do.

One fun date idea for those cold winter nights is to have a game night.  Seems simple enough right?  Well all you really need to do is find out what some of your date’s favorite childhood games are and then build an entire evening around the event.  Maybe she liked to play scrabble or clue or hungry hungry hippos.  No matter what the game is you can just build a cool spot in the living room or even create a blanket fort where you can play surrounded by pillows and blankets.  Make it feel like you are kids again and consider turning on the fireplace to add a little extra heat to the night.  You could even top off the night with some smores and some hot chocolate.  Or watch a favorite old movie and pop up some popcorn.

Another great idea might just be to embrace the cold and head out to the ice skating rink.  Skating is a great excuse to hold your date’s hand and get a little intimate without having any pressure at all.  You can also improvise and play some tag or try and teach each other how to ice skate backwards.  The ideas are endless.

New Year’s Kissing Etiquette

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

So it’s finally New Years and you’ve got a great excuse to get all dressed up and go out and impress everyone you meet.  You decide to hit up a big party with all of your friends and you get there around 10 or 10:30 so that you don’t look like you are desperate for some entertainment (even though you really are, and have been for months).   Once you get to the party you go and see what kind of refreshments they have and you are a bit disappointed but decide to get a drink anyway to calm your nerves.  As you stand there looking a bit uncomfortable you notice the cute girl standing next to you who looks a bit uncomfortable herself.  You begin to talk and realize that you have a lot in common.  Throughout the next hour and a half the two of you dance, talk, and just have a great time. Then before you know it the countdown is right around the corner.  You are right next to this girl you have spent the whole night with as people start to count down from 10.  As it gets closer to one you try to decide if you should kiss her or not.  What is the proper New Years Kissing etiquette?

You are supposed to kiss her.  That is the proper New Years Kissing etiquette.  Technically you are supposed to kiss whoever you are close to (as long as they aren’t already married, or if their boyfriend is a lot bigger than you are).  Rather than let the opportunity pass you by you should make sure to grab her, kiss her, and then get her number before the night is over.  There is no harm in a quick kiss at midnight to celebrate the New Year, it is tradition, and if she is offended by it then it is her problem and you can quickly blame the situation rather than take it as a personal rejection.

Online Dating Tips

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Dating is a crazy world—sometimes referred to as a sport, or a battlefield, depending on your past experience and level of success.  You have to go into it prepared for a number of things, and open to others.  If you are deciding whether or not to jump into the online dating pool, here are a few tips to consider so that you can find that perfect fish to show off to your friends. 

The first of the online dating tips for the day:  Just remember that there are hundreds upon hundreds of people out there who are just like you—looking for someone that will “click” with their personalities, and bring a higher level of joy and satisfaction to their lives.  The thing about online dating, however, is that these people can be found anywhere from the apartment below you, to some place completely on the other side of the world.  When you begin your time in the virtual dating world, sift through some of the dating websites and chat rooms, and find something that looks promising.  There will be many options available, from young single ladies, to older, religious adults.  Almost anything you can think of can be found, if you look.

In joining a certain website, you will be virtually jumping into a specific pool of possibility.  Most often, the site will ask you to fill out a profile so that your name can be put on the menu.  Online dating tips number 2:  be honest.  Present yourself well by putting interesting facts, but avoiding the appearance of being “too desperate” or “too good to be true.”  Include things that make you look good, but that you can be honest about in the long run.  The people looking at you will want to find the person presented in your profile.

Ask your friends about other online dating tips that helped them—or just jump in, and see how the water is.  Online dating is a whole other world—one that is just begging to be discovered.